Imran Zaman The founder of CALLTHEPM.COM Blog. He works as a program manager delivering digital transformation across fortune 500 companies.

7 Ways to Keep Your Project Running During Lockdown

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Everyone is currently doing remote work and, as a project manager, you are trying to keep your Project Running During Lockdown. So, how can you keep your project running while in lockdown? Here are some tips which you may find useful to get the work done and push forward:

1. Assign Tasks Every Day

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You should continue to assign tasks to your project team every day. You are not trying to overwhelm your team, you simply want them to have a consistent workload.

2. Manage Your Expectations

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As you send tasks to your team, you should manage your expectations and try to avoid assigning too much work in one day. Let your project team tell you if they are becoming overwhelmed.

3. Take the Weekend Off

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Project management is hardly a 9 to 5 job in normal times and now everyone is working remotely at home with the family. Remind your team to take regular breaks so that they don’t wear themselves out. Try to avoid planning any remote project activity on the weekends until life returns to normal.

4. Share New Goals with Your Team

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If some of the project goals have now changed, your project team needs to know. If everyone is invested in the project, they can offer ideas to you that will make the project more viable. This is a good way for you to solicit new ideas and you can maintain progress on the project as your team is not at home thinking it’s all over.

5. Use Video and Teleconferencing

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You should maintain regular meetings with your remote team to track progress, plan for future projects and to assess any risks and issues. Remember to keep the meetings short and add an agenda. These meetings are much easier to manage than a thousand emails (or never-ending discussions on chat-platforms) regarding the same subject.

6. Give Your Team Members Some Leeway

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You need to give your project team as much leeway as they need. Everyone has been stunned by the coronavirus and everyone will cope in their own way. Your project team members may well be taking care of elderly parents or young children while simultaneously holding down a full-time job at home. You can ask your project team if they need any help; you can move work assignments around as needed.

7. Stay in Touch with Your Stakeholders

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Any stakeholder in the project must form part of your project survival plan. They are paying for the project and can give you valuable guidance. Pay extra attention to this aspect and remember to keep up with your project-steering meetings, project status reports, 1-2-1 meetings, etc.


These small tips will help you keep on top of your Project Running During Lockdown whilst everyone is working from home. Remember to be patient as you create your new work plan and as people adjust to their new working environment.

Imran Zaman The founder of CALLTHEPM.COM Blog. He works as a program manager delivering digital transformation across fortune 500 companies.