Imran Zaman The founder of CALLTHEPM.COM Blog. He works as a Digital Transformation Consultant for FTSE 500 companies. Writer on themes such as Project Management, Technology and Innovation.

23 Best Interview Preparation Websites to Get a Job

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You’ve got an interview coming up and, if you really want the job, you’ll need to work for it – it’s impossible to be too prepared. I’ve lined up the top 23 interview preparation sites to help you get ready for this exact moment; from mock-video interviews to interview tests, common interview questions and perfecting your first impression. Whether you’re a student or an experienced professional, this article will take you from interview-zero to interview-hero.

1. Glassdoor


It’s an excellent place for individuals attending an interview in a recognised company. It has separate pages for most of the registered companies. Also, it showcases both present and previous employees’ experiences working at different companies. The interview experiences page can be found under the individual company’s page. It helps to know about real experiences of what should be expected in the interview.


2. GeekforGeeks


This platform helps candidates outsmart a job interview for coding developers or related role. You can get answers for most or all of the commonly asked coding-based questions in the interview. You may even get an idea about what type of questions were asked for different firms. The best part is that the website focuses on all categories of coding practice questions from simple to the most advanced.


3. Zety Blog

Zety Blog

This is a website that handles large online resume building which is the key to present confidently during the interview. It also has a blog section that is dedicated to career guidance and success. You can find a lot of excellent blogs on interview preparation tips, career advice and tips to find jobs that match your profile. There are also new sections for life after a career that discusses balancing work-life schedules.


4. Freshersworld


Spend some quality time on this website to stay motivated to face any interview of your selected career area. The different sections are designed to help you work on your reasoning and aptitude skills and provide you with relevant tips and tricks to ace an interview. Moreover, you can stay updated about the job openings happening around you. The website options let you find roles based on location, company or a particular career area.


5. CareerBuilder


This is a career development and learning website that can help you with everything that relates to securing a good career. In addition to providing interview preparation tips and strategies, the team here is dedicated in multiple areas like career insights, salary tools, and job alert emails, apply for a job, or even improve your resume to make it stand out.


6. Gainlo


Engineering students can utilise this website to receive quality interview preparation resources to crack various interviews. You can take up mock interviews conducted by professional interviewers.


7. Pramp


Interestingly, the website name is inspired by the beautiful saying “Practice Makes Perfect”. As the name suggests, this is an excellent platform to practice and prepare for interviews and perform well on the given day. This is designed specifically for those preparing for programming-based interviews.


8. CareerCup


This is another great platform for candidates preparing for job interviews. The main page is focused on the newly updated interview questions that are possible to be asked for the upcoming interviews. You may even have a look at the various career field options and the associated salaries. Moreover, the website can help you to attend the interview with an influencing resume.


9. Monster


This is a trendy website for job seekers to find openings in the location or company of your choice. Once you create a profile and submit a cv, companies will hire you or give you offers if your profile matches their requirements. Moreover, the website has sections to help job seekers to prepare well for the interview. They are always updated about the expected questions and answers for top job interviews. The career advice blogs are another exciting feature which often comes up with different tips, tricks, mistakes to avoid and more.


10. My Interview Practice


In this mock interview platform, aspirants can interact with a simulator that handles interview. Questions appear before you one after another, and it needs to be answered within the stipulated time frame that gives the pressure of an actual interview.


11. Quora


This is a very popular question-answer website where experts from all over the world answer different questions from various areas of interest. And there are thousands of questions being asked for interview preparation tips and tricks. You may go through it to get enough valid tips and helpful resources. You may even sign up to post your set of questions.


12. Prepbunk


This is a professional mock interview website where you can attend interviews over the phone or Skype. The interviewers’ team will provide a detailed performance analysis after evaluating your interview skills. More features: Actual industry professionals will be performing the interview. A mock interview without feedback can be asked for if you prefer self-assessment. Also, there is a three-week course that helps you to improve your interview performance.


13. Techmockinginterview


This is a fantastic mock interview website where job seekers can check their interview skills set in front of actual interviewers from leading companies. You will be offered a detailed result of the process, which includes complete feedback on your performance that covers verbal and written notes. As the benefits are on the higher side, this will be paid interview sessions and the rates will be based on the particular career area.


14. Ambition Box


This is a great platform more or less similar to Glassdoor with a list of different company profiles. Employees provide reviews about the companies, tips to crack the interviews as well as their salaries anonymously. You may even take up practice tests to have an idea about how interviews are framed. For some companies, the employees may also disclose the tactics to crack the interview along with personality development remarks.


15. Interviewing


This is a great platform where you can take up anonymous technical interview practice conducted by top professionals from leading firms like Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Key features and benefits include: Interviews are performed with voice communication without video to get it done anonymously. Feedback and suggestions to improve will be provided after the interview. If your performance meets their expectations, you might even get a job offer from the companies.


16. SPOJ


Sphere Online Judge is an excellent resource to help you crack the programmer role interviews with ease. As their motto suggests, the team there is dedicated to make you a true programming master. Programming tasks will be provided, which can either be something from previous contests or a new one framed by their community. The platform can automatically assess the submitted program entries by users and correct you on the go.


17. Project Euler


This is another resource that helps you to get prepared for job interviews. You will have to solve a number of challenging mathematical and computer programming problems that demand a lot more than actual problem-solving skills. Once you complete those question series, you will automatically get prepared to solve problems in elegant and efficient ways. This kind of attitude can be a confidence boost for you to crack any interviews with ease.


18. Impact interview


This is an online platform that offers great assistance for those seeking a job of their choice in a limited time frame. They provide elite interview preparation strategies that make you an expert full of confidence. Assistance is provided in the form of online classes, books as well as private coaching. The coaches here have expertise in actual hiring at prestigious firms.


19. Reed UK


This website is among the best ranked interviewing platforms. It offers interview tips, interview questions and answers, interview techniques, etc.


20. Career Sidekick


This website provides all types of interview questions and answers, interview tips for all industries.


21. Elite Resume


This platform provides various interview coaching for all type of candidates. It offers detailed guidance for all interview situations.


22. Novoresume


Novaresume is among top-rated career websites. It is a valuable site for candidates looking for career and interview guidance. It has thousands of different interview types and tips, techniques and strategies for salary negotiations, social media usage before and after.


23. InterviewBit


This is a quality platform that provides a series of interview questions based on your career preference. You will be guided on how to answer these set of questions smartly. Other features include;  Receive referrals to tech companies if your profile matches their requirements. An organised plan will be offered to help you to prepare for the interview systematically. Get easy access to previous interview questions of top companies.


Imran Zaman The founder of CALLTHEPM.COM Blog. He works as a Digital Transformation Consultant for FTSE 500 companies. Writer on themes such as Project Management, Technology and Innovation.